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News / Silk + Smoke Issue 1 publication cycle

While we’re working through your lovely, gruesome submissions, I thought I’d give everyone some news about our plans for the publication cycle for Silk + Smoke’s first ever issue.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who sent in their short stories, poems, scripts, and pieces of creative nonfiction for consideration.

Silk + Smoke started as a small idea and has already received so much support from amazing readers and writers around the world which we are very grateful for.

We were inundated with imaginative, experimental pieces and we’re so excited to release them out into the world like a (nice) viral plague very soon.

Silk + Smoke Issue 1 eBook

After the process of reviewing and selecting submissions (we’ll update everyone who submitted individually when this stage is complete), Silk + Smoke will be releasing a FREE eBook of Issue 1.

For the second issue, our first priority will be pursuing several routes to obtain funding, so we can produce a print edition, maybe have a little launch party (with cake and drinks), and, most importantly, pay our writers for their amazing work.

For now, Silk + Smoke is not funded by any arts organisations or charitable bodies, which is why we can’t pay contributors at this time. When we have a source of funding, we plan on backdating payments for Issue 1 contributors to ensure no one misses out.

Weekly publication cycle

Silk + Smoke will release the eBook of Issue 1 followed by a weekly publication cycle.

One or two pieces (depending on how many we accept) will be published on our website and accompanying social media channels each week, so there will be a spotlight on each short story, poem, script, essay, and author published.

Featured author

Lastly, we will also select a featured piece, a favourite from the issue, and publish an interview with the author about their story, their inspiration, the writing process, and more.

We’d like to thank everyone again for their submissions and support. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve got coming up!

– Sophie McNaughton

Editor / Silk + Smoke

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