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Silk + Smoke Issue 2 is live!

Silk + Smoke Issue 2 is now live. This free eBook edition contains 15 diverse short stories, poems and pieces of creative nonfiction from writers around the world.


At seven months in, 2020 has been a world-shifting and, dare I say it, ‘unprecedented’ year. Drunken renditions of Auld Lang Syne and half-hearted New Year’s Resolutions gave way to toilet roll shortages, soaring hand sanitiser prices and supermarket shelves purged of dried pasta. Amidst the panic buying and conflicting news reports, soon a global pandemic was declared.

Lives have been lost, fear has spread, social distancing has been enforced, the Black Lives Matter movement has reignited for the world to see and people are demanding real, long-lasting change. As planes were grounded and industries slowed, our planet began to breathe and heal itself. But from time to time, humanity felt broken.

Our daily lives have changed from sleepy morning commutes, weekend adventures and Saturday nights in the pub, to Zoom meetings, face coverings, virtual quizzes and cabin fever.

A lot of 2020 has felt like a bad dream, a chain of events that would put even the most imaginative of dystopian writers to shame. But if anything makes us human, it is our ability to find, create and share the good even in times of crisis.

It’s been a pleasure to read and curate submissions by talented writers from around the world. In these sci-fi times, I hope that you find moments of joy and laughter in these pages and, when times are tough, curl up with a blanket and find comfort in them.

Like the cheese toasties I’ve been making for lunch every day while working from home, this issue of Silk + Smoke is packed with nourishing goodness that’s spilling out from the edges. In this edition, you’ll find souls laid bare and new worlds invented in the form of immersive short stories with compelling voices, lyrical poetry with mind-expanding descriptions and evocative nonfiction with thoughtful reflection.

Thank you for continuing to support Silk + Smoke. I only hope the world is in a better state when Issue 3 comes around *crosses fingers*.

In the meantime: read, write, stay hydrated, eat your fruit and veg (and garlic bread), be excellent to each other and stay safe.

– Sophie McNaughton, Editor

Read Issue 2 while listening to the Silk + Smoke playlist.

The soundtrack to Silk + Smoke Issue 2 with songs chosen by the authors.

Let us know what you think of Silk + Smoke Issue 2 and leave a review in the comments below.

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