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Because The Night

By Kirsty Niven

Their faces glowed under the blue moon’s light, 

a midnight haunting tangled in meanings, 

kisses puff into the air like twirls of cigarette smoke

and the parasitic intensity accelerates. 

Violent lips and bruising caresses that lose control, 

an itch gouged in cat claws, a tryst written in blood.

Stars alone will remember, the trees blindfolded, 

prophesying a death they can’t bear to witness – 

an ending overdue, a beginning decimated in idiot hands. 

He disappears into the night, a Dickensian ghost, 

and she crumbles into confusion and causality. 

Day torches it down, her path left in cinders.

Kirsty A. Niven is from Dundee, Scotland. Her writing has appeared in a number of anthologies such as A Prince Tribute, Landfall and Betrayal: A Collection of Poetry and Prose on Betrayal and Being Betrayed. She has also appeared in numerous journals and magazines, including The Dawntreader, Cicada Magazine, The Machinery and Dundee Writes. Kirsty’s work can also be read online on websites such as Cultured Vultures, The Scottish Book Trust, Silver Birch Press and several others.

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