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Genesis – Femme Redux

By Sam Jowett

Humans said God created the Earth in seven days

in reality, I conjured it within two verses of a Glam-Bubblegum pop song

in full on Galactic dazzle femme 

Mercury lipstick, Jupiter eyeshadow, Saturnalia dress

with rings that orbit like crooked halos

A flick of a pearl earring, from frontal lobe

a mirror ball, perfectly reflecting

pluck it upon the aether

let it float amidst the stars

tilt its nearest stellar presence

(Let there be lightssssssss!)

a nova of fluorescence

every colour, full spectrum, maximum saturation.

~ ~ ~

Consider, then

the earring, the planet

exfoliate its rust 

bedrock orange primer applied thick

pressurized, gone molten

liquid cobalt blue foundation with an encore of

ozone concealer

Eyeshadow palate a million shades of green

rainforest greens and coniferous green and pasture greens and savannah greens

blend and blend and blend

alpine mascara, curl twin rows of mountain peaks.

coral reef lipstick

lunar earrings

heels to strut in orbits elliptical

all of it beautiful

all of it ignored

all of it ruined

~ ~ ~



what I would do to this planet now

what I would whisper into its ears now

what I would pour across its desert saltscapes now

how I would soothe its corroded exterior

how I would exfoliate its rust drenched cities 

how I would dry its oil slick sobs

how I would whisper into its abyss ears

it wasn’t your fault

it was never your fault

if only a makeover were so easy

if only I could make it:

rain nectar oceans

blush fuchsia jungles

bloom floral fractals

gasp glasswork canyons

Give it a rhythm

Make it sing

Make it dance

Make it live

Make it queer

Sam Jowett is a non-binary writer living in Toronto, Ontario. They enjoy stellar magic tricks, playing the electric violin, and neon turquoise lipstick. Some of their work can be found in Hypertrophic Magazine, Room Magazine, Crabfat Magazine, and amidst the rings of Saturn. Follow them on Twitter @samuel_jowett

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