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Group therapy…

of a Tuesday afternoon

By Amy Hamilton

In the chaplaincy centre which is funny 

We all sit there with the fear of God inside of us

We have all sinned and broken and sinned 

None of us religious none of us believing 

I don’t really want to believe anymore

Not that I ever did, ever did did I ever


Talking about how our minds work and why

We’re like this how we can get better

I’ve accepted my fate

For all I can remember I have been unhappy

Unhappy, lonely, worried and confused

I know that I’ll push you away

You’ll see the side that is hard to deal with

And run 

He left me because I was too hard to deal with

And you will too – I’m a hard woman to love

And even harder to hold onto when 

The thought of death is ever present in my mind

Well it would really just just really really just let

Everyone breathe again

No longer having to walk on egg-shells around me

That problem would be gone

Past traumas never seem to fully fade away

Once you’ve smashed a glass it cannot be how it 

Was before

Maybe I am that glass, but maybe I was always smashed

And maybe you don’t want to try to fix me

I want to fix me

I want you to fix me

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