By Stephanie Boyle

For Jennifer

With warm, coarse sand beneath my feet, I take comfort in knowing that we share the same coastline.

On the beach next to mine, you wriggle your toes in the same sand and yet, we look towards different horizons.

Across blue-grey waters, the land ebbs and flows, and birds come and go, and the waves gently lull underneath.

Our horizons move with the current.

With the passing of time, the boats in your view, either sail into mine or go somewhere new.

And still, we’re the same, right here on this coast – the wind in our hair and the sand in our toes.

Every sunrise we see, and sunset we grieve and storm that we weather together.

The smell of the sea. Your beach next to mine. With you, on our coastline, forever.

Stephanie is a Freelance Writer & Content Strategist in Glasgow. She collects vintage clothing and would happily eat pasta for every meal. Find her on social @StephanieFBoyle

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