Masters of the Universe

By M. R. Hume

We watch the dance of galaxies, 

swirling patterns of water 

within the greatest ocean. 

Tumultuous waves and eddies; 

trillions of stars refracted 

contain an endless motion. 

And we bend time and distance, 

folding corners of space 

until space is reversed. 

We dissolve wormhole feedback. 

We travel upon the gamma; 

for we are the Masters of the Universe. 

Bolts of pure radiation burns holes 

across distances unfathomed, 

coursing through nebula clouds. 

Travelling on remains of supernova, 

butterfly wings, iridescent, 

boiling gaseous shrouds. 

Interstellar dust curls in our wake, 

our engines roar without sound 

through planets interspersed. 

We harness power of neutron stars. 

We glide the up-drafts of light curves; 

for we are the Masters of the Universe.

M.R. Hume has been writing for a number of years and he draws his inspiration from nature, humankind’s eternal struggle to understand itself, and the origins of myths and legends. He writes both poetry and prose, his website ( will always have links to anything new he is contributing to, or you can find him currently producing free content on his Wattpad page.

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