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By Kyla Houbolt

‘Lightning results from the tension between what is and what should be’  – Jarod K. Anderson

argue to bring

more lightning

for all of the world 

and heaven too is stolen, stolen

the opposite of scissors is salt is

needle and thread is 

bird stitching wing to cloud — see it? —

golden, golden 

the opposite of smooth

is sand rubbed along itself all the way down

to dust, this shiny crumb

of lighghghghgh gh gh t

ning is molten, molten

this opposite opposite

particle wave disappear



Kyla Houbolt is nearing 70 years of age and has published exactly three poems over the span of her life, all in venues which are now extinct. She has preferred to read to interested listeners most often. And, everything changes. Kyla lives and writes in Wilmington, NC, USA. Hurricane country. Hide from the wind but run from the water.

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