Tribute to Music by Starla DeKruyf

Starla DeKruyf writes on music’s profound ability to evoke emotion and transport you to a different time and place in ‘Tribute to Music’ for Silk + Smoke Issue 2.

The electrifying sound vibrates, originating in ears and dancing through the entire soul. It creeps underneath anticipating skin like a welcomed constant static. It transmits a thrumming in depths, guiding eyes to close and bodies to sway. The allowance of the titillation transports to a different time, a different place. Vivid memories, tasting luscious, and sweet. Lighthearted and unyielding.

Bare toes tapping on hot dashboards while humid wind whips through hair. A jovial hand creating waves out the window. Laboring with dry dirt underneath fingertips and glistening sweat coating upper lips. Naked limbs intertwined and sweltering breath on youthful skin. Rhythm and steps in time—smiles and laughter.

Expelling to a dark time. Alone and pathetic. Aching heart—tortured and warped. It’s a melancholic sensation fresh in awareness, the old scarring crisp and raw. Transferring to a carefree time—intoxicated, walking on air, and celebratory. It conceives a desire to be resolute and courageous.

The intonation permeates bones, bleeding into veins. An unending yearning, tenderness, and fervor. The endless passion is present and organic, expressed in diversified styles and appreciation. An active necessity of breath, pulse, and existence.

Read this while listening to ‘Iris’ by The Goo Goo Dolls.


Starla DeKruyf lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, three kids, an English Mastiff, and a rescue pup. She studied at Long Ridge Writers Group and is a member of her local chapter of ‘Shut Up and Write’. She’s an emerging writer of varying works, such as novel-length fiction, poetry published in Moonchild magazine, and short stories published in the first zine put out by ‘Shut Up and Write’.


Music has always been a big part of my life. Sometimes listening to music evokes the words to flow in my writing and other times my emotions are too vast to explain, and I rely on music to soothe me. I wrote this piece to describe how music makes me feel, as well as how it has the power to transport you to a different time and place, regardless of past, present, or fantasy.

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